Sandbox Zombies

Sandbox Zombies

Sandbox Zombies is a god game where you can place a variety of units with a variety of powers and weapons and watch them fight to the death.

I built this from the ground up in native Android with OpenGL ES.

As of the time of this writing it has amassed over 35,000 downloads with a solid rating of 4.3 stars. 

Check it out for free here.


Polterspook preview

Developed in Monogame, Polterspook was a group project for class in which my group and I went above and beyond the requirements to make a solid, fun, polished game.

It's an asymmetrical 4v1 multiplayer game. 4 Players use controllers to control heroes trying to fight their way through an endless haunted house, while a fifth player takes the role of a poltergeist, spawning enemies strategically to thwart the players.


For the level generation, the levels are generated in chunks of pre-determined terrain structures we called "nodes." We made a tool to create those easily:

Download Node Editor


Guards preview

Guards was a great learning experience and I had a blast creating it. I created an inventory system, implemented really basic pathfinding, and created a bunch of cool enemies and weapons. The game was hugely lacking, however, in good design. It wasn't fun, it wasn't intuitive, and it wasn't visually appealing. So while I'm glad I made it and I'm still proud of it in my own way, I ask that you please don't download it.

After developing this game, I tried to ensure that all of my future projects had a solid aesthetic and intuitive design. 

WarehouseZ 2

WarehouseZ 2 preview

Developed in Java with Swing, WarehouseZ 2 is essentially recreation of WarehouseZ, but with vast improvements in graphics, gameplay, and underlying code.

I recommend you also check out Sandbox Zombies, which is essentially the same thing recreated for Android and with many improvements.



WarehouseZ preview

WarehouseZ is a top-down sandbox god-game in which you can place units such as zombies, humans, werewolves, and witches, and watch them kill eachother.

This was my first ever non-text-based video game. I recommend you try out the two better reimaginings of it: WarehouseZ 2 and Sandbox Zombies.